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We can arrange a home visit to assess the merits of your case and advise on funding under a “No Win – No Fee” (CFA) agreement. Areas we cover include:

We are able to enlist the support of a wide range of experts including doctors, engineers and barristers to ensure that your case has the best possible prospect of success. The access to quality experts can ensure that not only do you gain compensation for your injuries and past losses, but we also deal with your rehabilitation, future care and financial planning.

 Anthony Duffy has been acting on behalf of Claimants and Defendants since 1984. Duffy & Co Solicitors has been established since 2008.

“I decided to transfer my instructions to Duffy & Co on a No Win, No Fee contract. Throughout the case I have received prompt and clear advice, and at all times it was explained to me what the risks in my case were.
We proceeded to trial where I felt confident having been fully prepared for what was to take place, and I was pleased at the successful outcome and judgement in my favour.

I would not hesitate to recommend Duffy & Co Solicitors”.

~Mr H, Wigan

“Claim both for personal injury and clinical negligence.

The Claimant was misdiagnosed with concussion when in fact some six months later it was revealed that as consequence of his fall at work, the Claimant sustained a frontal-lobe brain injury.”

The Claimant received £870,000 . Manchester County Court.

~Mr. B – Manchester County Court

“The Claimant underwent a hip replacement operation when it was found that the product was in fact faulty.

The Claimant sustained six weeks severe pain and discomfort.”

Award £25,000. Sheffield County Court.

~Product Liability

“The Claimant was a blacksmith employed by Sheffield City Council when he contracted Occupational Asthma. The Council admitted breach of duty, but refused to accept the Claimants valuation of the case, making a final offer of £50,000 to settle the claim shortly before the trial.”

-This offer was not agreed and therefore the case proceeded to trial with an award of £104,000.

~Occupational Asthma

“We acted for a Claimant who developed occupational dermatitis. Whilst the Defendants in the case accepted that they were liable for the contraction of dermatitis, they argued that the fact that the Claimant became suicidal, and actually attempted suicide had no causal link, and it was this issue that was to be determined by the Judge.”

-The Judge accepted the Claimants evidence, and as a consequence received substantial damages well in excess of the Defendants own evaluation.

~Smith – Nottingham County Court